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Website Audits: Tap Into Our Expertise At a Fraction of The Price

If you know you need to make a change, but you can't afford $1500+ each month for full-service inbound marketing and SEO, our website audit service is right for you!

We will analyze your website, analytics, and existing marketing plan and present you with a step-by-step action plan. You then implement the action plan within your company over the next 1-12 months.

This allows you to leverage our expertise, while allowing you to put the plan into action on your own time table using your existing resources.

It's great for motivated individuals and small businesses willing to put in the time and energy but don't know where to begin.

What all does this include? Just take a look at our auditing process...

Keyword Research

First, we review your business and target market, then we research the best ways to find your customers online. The biggest component of this is doing keyword resarch to see what exactly people are searching for. We'll compile groups of related keywords that look like a good fit for your business.

Competitor Analysis and Strategy

For the next step in our research, we take a look at your competitors. This isn't just a few businesses similar to yours - it includes any website you will be competing against for the attention of potential customers. With a complex array of tools and techniques, we can identify areas with low competition yet high profit potential.

We'll even analyze your competitors' marketing strategies and determine how you can beat them.

Site Analytics

A thorough review of Google Analytics for your website helps you understand your visitors. When you understand your visitors, you can better direct them to your useful products and services that match their needs. We can pull actionable insights from these reports. See how your customers are using your site, where it's good, and where it's disappointing your customers. See the red flags of where you're losing their attention.

On-Site SEO and Technical Check-up

Once our research is complete, we'll examine your existing website and suggest ways to improve it further. This includes page speed analysis, a general usability overview, and more.

Then we'll present a strategy for you to attract more search engine traffic based on your existing site and the market research we performed.

Get the most "bang for your buck" with this package when it attracts potential customers relevant to your site.

Marketing and Link Building Action Plan

Finally, we'll present a custom action plan you can follow for 1-12 months (or more) to continually build more traffic to your website.

It will all be organized by priority, too. Top priority will be the updates that are easiest to make yet provide great results. Less effective and more time consuming ideas will be further down the list. So it's the most efficient and effective it can be.

Ready to get started?

Our website audits come in standard packages, depending on the size of your business. Click below to order, or contact us to get a custom quote.

Website Audit Pricing

  • The Mini Audit

    $25000one-time fee

    Technical SEO analysis

    Keyword research report

    Competitor research report

    Link building opportunity report

    For small websites


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  • The WRO Audit

    $90000one-time fee

    WRO = Website Results Optimization

    Keyword research report

    Competitor research report

    Link building opportunity report

    For medium size websites


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  • Competitor Analysis Audit

    $190000one-time fee

    Technical SEO analysis

    Keyword research report

    Competitor research report

    See what they're doing

    Beat the competition


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