Add New Content In Wordpress A tutorial for adding new posts and pages.

How To Add a New Post or Page in Wordpress

If you'll be managing a Wordpress-based website, adding posts and pages will be your most common task. Here is how to do it (and some tips to get the most out of Wordpress' functionality.)

1. Log-in To Your Wordpress Dashboard

Navigate to and enter your username and password. Click log in.

This will take you to the main page of the Wordpress dashboard.

2. Find the "Add New Post" Form

Click the "Posts" tab on the left-side menu. This takes you to a listing of your posts but also opens up a submenu in the left menu. You can now choose "Add New" from that submenu. Alternatively, you can hover over the "+ New" link on the top navigation bar and select "Post" from the dropdown menu.

Either way, you'll end up on the post page with a text editor.

3. Write Your New Post

Fill in the title and then write the post itself. Wordpress has an autosave feature that will periodically save your work, but it doesn't hurt to click the "Save Draft" button towards the top right side of the screen occasionally.

Be sure to edit the page URL (or "slug" as they call it) when it appears directly below the title box.

You can also assign a category and tags here.

In the post itself, you can add hyperlinks, styles like bold and italic, and images or other media.

Write an Excerpt if you wish.

4. Publish Your Post

You can publish immediately or schedule for a later date. (Yep, you can schedule posts weeks, months, even years in advance! Note that it is a 24-hour clock.) You can make it private or password-protected.

I suggest using the "Preview" button to make sure it looks right before officially publishing it.

What About Adding a Page?

It is virtually the same process. When you hover over the "+ New" link, choose "Page" instead of "Post." Editing and publishing the page will be identical to the post.

The only difference is that you can't give a page a category or tags.

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